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Tribal paintwork Tribal looks - Dorze Tribal life, a hard life Tribal adornment Street girl, Turmi Small Erbore boy Portrait of a Dassenech boy Portrait of a tribesman Posing Suri girls Our makeup Suri face painting Painted girl Painted tribal beauty Playtime Omo Valley beauty On the streets of Turmi Old devotee woman Old matriarch Old Nyangatom man Old Nyangatom man Mursi makeup! Mursi portrait Made up Makeup Suri style Lost in a moment Lale dancing In the school classroom The Kara tribe dance celebration Suri girl beauty Suri in profile Tattooed Tsemay girl Sun, dust and Dassenech Thoughts before jumping The red woman The end of the day Suri design! The flour man, Jimma The old boys of the village Tigrai children Women Chatting Manning  Polling Station Looking Through the Window Man giving Instructions Campaign Posters Digging Through Litter Men Reading Newspaper Voting Process Women on Queue Inked Fingers Elderly Woman