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Transporting firewood Transporting firewood 2017 Post Election Violence Kibera Child Kibera Child Kibera Child Kibera Child Kibera roadsides businesses Kibera Child A hint of a smile - Turmi Kibera Child Kibera Child Street entertainers Pots on their head Priest at St Georges Our way of Life Old Hamar man Mursi tribal girl Mursi tribal woman Nerves before jumping Mr Angry the herder Monk Lalibela Men of the Kara Let the ceremony commence Just before the jump Kara cool Lalibela priest Homeward bound Hamar village children Golden girl Hamar babies Hamar boy, at the market Girl of the Erbore tribe Go on, smile Going round in circles Fine Awassa guy Fire lighting From my tukul Expressionism Entoto prayer Dusty dance floor Dust and dance, Dus Dassenech beauty Dus village dancing Darkness and light Dancing Welo kids Coming home Ceremonial drinks Happy Children Holding Hands Children of the Hamar