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Raila Odinga Mwai Kibaki waving Artist and Dancers Performing Kalozo Raila and Kenneth Marende Akorino Peformance JImmy Gait Performing JImmy Gait Performing Jimmy Gait Performing Presidential Limousine Military Fighting Jets Artist and Dancers Performing Presidential Arrival Presidential Escort Presidential Escort Kenya Police Parade Kenya Police Parade Security Officers Parade Security Officers Parade Asantehene Firewood fetch At your mercy Young Maasai during a tribal ceremony Young Maasai during a tribal ceremony Young Maasai during a tribal ceremony Mursi tribal woman Men of the Kara Let the ceremony commence Just before the jump Hamar village children Abstract tribal art Abstract body art Hamar boys portraiture Old devotee woman Mursi makeup! Made up Lale dancing The Kara tribe dance celebration Crowd of people Walking Jakaya Kikwete Crowd in a Rally Jakaya Kikwete Jakaya Kikwete Jakaya Kikwete Jakaya Kikwete Drummers on Drums Drummers on Drums Jazz Festival Jazz Festival Hair Dressers Priest reading at mass